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23 Nov 2017

Dollars Income Website Is a Scam With Proof

 There are a lot of scam websites that claim '' make money from home '' running on the internet . Which it makes us confused 😐. We can’t tell about scam websites or legit ones. and here is a big SCAM site. called DOLLARS INCOME. please read the weird things they do to users.

  There is a lot of good people has been scammed and did not get paid after long time of working with these stupid scam sites.

   Let me tell you about my experience with dollarsincome

  In a few months ago i got a link from someone that i did some business with. He told me this is a good website to earn money online. Of course I signed up and worked really hard.

  This website have different users rank, such as a Newbie, Amateur, manager, expert etc..

  As i was new when i registered a few months ago, my rank was newbie, I only can request payments once every 180 days 😲. This is their rules in order you want to get paid.

   After awhile my rank went up to Amateur from Newbie. And as Amateur i can request payments every 20 days when i reach out $16.00 or more.

  I really didn’t care about asking for a payment but i just kept working and making money.

  As I said my rank went up to Amateur from newbie. After my rank became Amateur i can request payment every 20 days instead 160. I have in my balance $66.6107 and i can withdraw my money when i achieve the Minimum  payout . I requested a payment and i got error saying ( you only can withdraw money if you have more than $15.00 and must be registered more than 20 days ). Weird rules aren’t they?

   Here is screenshot, You see my Rank & Balance?


Errors i get after requesting money :

 I kept trying so many times and messaging them too, but i did not get even a penny. 

 I emailed them about the payment issue, I got respond saying i can withdraw money any time as long as you have more than $15.00 once every 20 days.

Take a Look at what i said in the Email:

 - My sent Email:
- Email I've received from them:

 Believe me; I tried to withdraw my money but that error keep showing up. 

  I emailed them again and they told me the same thing as before in the previous first email. 

  Anyway, something worst happened on top of the payment issue, which i have never thought about it to happen. But with these scammers expect anything and anytime.

- The worst thing that happened:

  I logged in to their site as usual and i was choked from what I’ve seen. I seen my rank changed to newbie again after it was Amateur. Instead of upgrade me they downgrade me. This was not good. And i know why they’ve done this.

- Check This Picture:

- And This:

  They did it because they will find the excuse to don’t pay me. they made it even harder, and i have to wait 180 days to get $15.00. Stupid eh?. This is insane.  :( 

 Also, I had 14 referrals as you see on the picture below, They sold them to somebody also. i really cant write anymore about this scammers, but its good to let people know so they dont do my mistake. 

  Now I knew that dollarsincome is a scam %100. Therefore you have to be careful, do not sign up with them. Avoid this website or you will regret joining this site as i did. 

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